Explosiveness: 4-day cycle, day 3

I’ve been on a 4-day cycle for a few months now. The focus of it is making me a faster sprinter. (We all gotta have a goal, right?)

The days are:

  • Day 1: Strength (Bilateral squats and deadlifts)
  • Day 2: Unilateral Strength (this means working each arm/leg individually rather than together).
  • Day 3: Explosiveness
  • Day 4: Speed, Sprinting or sled pushing type exercises

I like this cycle a lot. It’s significantly different than an old-school 3-day (legs, back, chest) split. You work legs pretty much every day but in significantly different ways. The upper body is secondary but not at all neglected. This is another reason I like this cycle: dudes often pay more attention to their upper bodies than their lower.

Today (explosiveness) calls for snatch grip high pulls which I did following my warmup, box jumps and some other exercises. I had a lot of energy so I decided to alter the format a bit, throwing in an NFL speed-oriented exercise.

4 round AMRAP

(Some people might call this a “Fight Gone Bad” style workout and it certainly is).

1 min: Box Jumps

1 min: burpee pull-ups

1 min: jump rope

1 min: Single-leg Squat to knee drive. No, this is not a pistol. It’s function is to glue the various components of a sprint together, from the hands, through the hips, to the feet. Check out Demaryius Thomas, doing it like a pro in the video above.

The worst part about a workout like this for me is the recovery. If  I miss that 30 minute post-workout window, I’ll feel like a flat tire all day. My personal preference for a post-workout recovery meal follows the principles of the Paleo Diet for Athletes:

  • 20 oz. Pineapple Juice
  • 40 grams protein from protein powder (sometimes I use Organic whey, sometimes a vegan one)
  • couple dashes of salt
  • 1 banana
  • Personally, I rarely workout long enough to benefit from adding dextrose.


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Thanks for reading.

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